Health Care

Health CareMost families are covered by private health care providers. Many of the poor and elderly are covered by public health care.

When shopping for private health care, it is important to do a health insurance comparison of the insurance carriers. Price, coverage, co payments, coinsurance, exclusions, and coverage limits are some of the things that must be considered.

Copayments are the amounts the insured must pay for the examinations, medical procedures, and prescriptions above what the insurance pays. For example, a co payment may be $ 25 for a doctor visit $ 100 for a hospital admission and $10 for a prescription.

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Lab-created artificial corneas

artificial corneas

image released by Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Swedish and Canadian researchers have developed artificial corneas, which can provide the eye sight to visually impaired persons and to blind ones. The artificial corneas work as well as the genuine ones, which are transplanted from deceased persons.

Study describes an attempt, in which, two years ago, surgeons at the University of Linkoping, removed the damaged corneas of ten patients and instead implanted artificial corneas. Today, all these patients, have significantly improved vision and can see with the contact lenses as good as they would see with corneas from another human.
There is a great shortage of donor corneas worldwide, and ten million people are without treatment. Therefore, it is very important that this progress has been achieved and that the corneas can now be produced in the laboratory. Another benefit is that the patients with artificial corneas will be spared of taking immunosuppressive medications which are necessary after a transplant, and known for causng several side effects.

How to Preserve Your Eye Health

Eye brownEye health is very important for any individual, due to the fact that the eyes instrumental in one’s day-to-day awareness. The eyes are the body’s tools for visual contact with the outside world, and allow this information to enter an individual’s brain for processing. The maintenance of eye health is of crucial importance, and can be achieved in a number of ways.

A cataract surgeon would suggest that an individual have yearly checkups on the condition of their eyes, in order to determine if there are any negative health concerns that need to be addressed. Early detection of cataracts and other conditions may be able to detect the need for future cataract surgery.

One method of maintaining eye health is to eat a nutritious diet that supplies adequate amounts of vitamin A, which is known to help maintain optimal eye health. In addition, lecithin can be very helpful to the optic nerve, as well as B12, due to the fact that these nutrients nourish the nervous system, and the optic nerve is very important to the eyesight of an individual. A variety of nutrients from a balanced and nutritious diet, are helpful for the overall body which includes the eyes.

Adequate lighting when one is reading or performing other duties can be very helpful in avoiding eyestrain, which can be counter productive in the maintenance of eye health. In addition, it is also important not to use lighting that is too bright, which can also be harmful to eyesight in the long run. Another way in which an individual can avoid eyestrain, is to magnify the size of text when using a computer or other device, this will go along way in helping an individual to avoid the inevitable eyestrain that will accompany long periods of reading very small text.

Transition Lenses and Prescription Sunglasses Eyewear Alternatives

transition lenses Transition lenses are under the classification of photochromic lenses. These types of lenses are clear under normal room conditions, but they darken once exposed to ultraviolet radiation. They exist in different sizes and are made of different materials such as plastic and glass. On the other hand, prescription sunglasses are sunglasses with corrective prescription designed into their lenses. They are very good for eyes with refractive error. They protect the eyes from glare and direct sunlight to enable the user to see clearly. Read more »

Appropriate UV Protection Sunglass

UV Protection SunglassSunglasses are considered important in maintaining optimum ocular health. It protects the eyes from the brightness of the sun and its harmful UV rays. But in choosing the appropriate sunglasses  one should consult professionals because according to the BC Doctors of Optometry not all glasses are the same. It is for the reason that not all available products protect the eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.

There are other products that just offer protection from the sun’s glare thus one should be able to differentiate it from the UV certified product. Also in considering sunglasses protection it is better to buy the one that offers guard against UV A and UV B. It is really necessary to wear a UV certified sunglass as it will filter the UV rays so that it will not penetrate the back portion of the eyes thereby decreasing the chances of having macular degeneration. Our eyes are our window to the world thus it is really important to wear sunglasses especially when spending long hours under the sun because it is when the UV refraction is highest and most damaging to the eye.

Best Hair Style For Women Over 50

Hair Style For Women Over 50Searching for the best hairstyle over 50? search no more Professional stylist Corene Camp from will give us an introductory note on how to style the best haircuts for long face over 50. The tools needed to achieve this gorgeous hairstyle are a comb, cutting sheers, flat iron and hairstyling products. A long face in longer than it is wide so the best option for hairstyle over 50 would be something chik with a soft layering toward the bottom.

Add some little layering preferably a sizable lenght that can be curled all round and brushed to give a little body but still maintain that soft desired look; You can also make the tapering or the layers around the face shorter to add some width on it. For a long face that wants some bang! you could do a straight across bang but keep it wispy with a length not exceeding the brow line.

Last up, style the haircut using a flat iron, curling iron or round brush, to enhance the tapering add some curl towards the face this will define our layering and tapering. Hairstyle over 50 doesn’t entail anything drastic, create a soft look by not putting in very heavy curls. Finish up with a nice finishing product to maintain the style.


Classy English Wedding

Three Elements of a Classy English Wedding

England is synonymous with class. From breathtaking architecture to thought provoking masterpieces, England embodies class at every level. Having a wedding in this astounding country is sure to bring an unprecedented level of sophistication to your wedding. London offers unique transportation, outstanding venues and one-of-a-kind catering possibilities. These three elements of a classy English wedding can serve as a blueprint for your wedding plan.

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One Dress Does Not Fit All Occasions

dressAlthough it would make getting ready for an event a whole lot easier and it would be an excellent way to save money, there is no such thing as the one perfect dress for every occasion. All women need dresses in various styles for the many dress wearing opportunities that are presented to them. A new dress for each new occasion begins when women are young girls and continues to follow them through to adulthood. (To learn more about fashion see

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Add Style to Your Look With Hair Extensions

hair extensionsIf you struggle with growing your hair, or don’t have the patience to wait for it to reach the length you desire, consider hair extensions. (For additional information on hair extension visit You’ll be able to feel your best and look as sexy as ever with the longer hair style you’ve been lusting after.

Healthy looking, long hair projects an image of beauty like no other part of your look can. You can have glossy, natural looking long locks by simply spending a few hours of your day sitting through the application. If your hair has split ends, is cut too short, or is just too thin, hair extensions can help boost your confidence and increase your overall beauty. Read more »

Drinking milk may protects the eyes

Women who have the highest levels of vitamin D are less likely to suffer from old age degeneration eye.

Drinking milk can help to protect the eyes from disease later in life, say U.S. scientists who studied the habits of 1313 women. Women with the highest vitamin D levels had a nearly two-thirds less likely to suffer from macular degeneration, ie. degeneration of yellow spots (macula) caused by aging. In developed countries senile macular degeneration is the most common cause of legal blindness. A person is not completely blind, because it has preserved peripheral vision. In the central field of vision can see a dark stain that does not disappear by running the eye. The consequence of macular degeneration is a disorder that is of central vision, and it helps us to see well to read, drive, watch television without disruptions or distortions in thethe middle of the water field.

Laser surgery and medications can alleviate the damage, but the right drug, in fact, no. Therefore, many older than 50 lose their precious vision.

Women who consumed the most vitamin D from food and supplements, had 59 percent less likely to suffer from this disease. It is interesting that the time spent in the sun did not affect the results, although the sun is one of the most important ways to create vitamin D in the body, write the researchers led by Amy Millen, the University of Buffalo in New York.

The largest sources of vitamin D are milk, fish and foods rich in vitamin D, such as cereals.

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